As always when you’re young and have just moved into your first flat with your boyfriend, you don’t tend to have much money. Decorating your new found freedom can be costly unless, like me, you get crafty.

Once we moved in and got settled we very quickly realised that we didn’t have any softer lighting for the evenings. Through Facebook Marketplace I found an old woman who was selling 5 of her old lamps for £20 each; a little bit of negotiating and I managed to get 3 for £20!


They were quite ugly honestly, but beggars can’t be choosers. I decided they were too ugly for me to put up with so it was time to upcycle! I found some spray paint in my local diy shop that would be perfect. One of the spray paints was ‘stone textured’ and honestly I have absolutely no idea how they invented this but it is magical – it sprays flecks of black, white and grey all at the same time to achieve the stone textured appearance.

First I removed the lampshades from the bases of the lamps, then with sticky tape I covered up the lightbulb sockets on both lamps. Then, with Colin’s help, I took the lamp bases outside and spray painted them, and accidentally Colin,  with the stone texture spray paint and left them to dry before giving them a second coat. We did have cardboard down to stop paint getting all over the garden.

For the lampshades, all I did was cut away all of the fabric from the frame of the shade so I was left with just the metal frame. Then I spray painted the frame with a Matte Black spray paint.

Once all the components of the lamps were dry, I took them back inside and put them back together. And voila! Adoarbly upcycled lamps which are far more aesthetically pleasing than before.


  • Any old lamps
  • Matte black spray paint
  • Grey ‘stone texture’ spray paint
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard/newspaper


  1. Acquire some ugly old lamps
  2. Take the lampshades and lightbulbs off of the base of the lamp
  3. Using the sticky tape, cover the socket where the lightbulb goes – the lamp won’t work if you get spray paint in there
  4. Go outside and lay down some cardboard or newspaper to protect your garden
  5. Spray paint the base of your lamps with the stone effect spray paint, make sure you cover all nooks and crannies
  6. Leave to dry then give it a second coat of the spray paint
  7. While this is drying, you can grab your lampshades and remove all of the fabric which covers it, you want to take it down to the bare frame
  8. Spray paint your lampshade frames with the matte black spray paint – make sure you flip the frame over so you can get to the undersides too
  9. Let all the the components dry completely
  10. Assemble your lamps back together, put in your lightbulb, and there you have it!