Due to our work schedules, Colin and I have decided that Tuesdays are our adventure days. We’re going to take it turn about to decide what our adventures are going to be each week; we have a list which we add ideas to as we go along and then choose something from the list each week. The list is compiled of all the places, daytrips, activities, and local tourist attractions which are in our surrounding area where we live.

This week’s adventure took us to The Scottish Deer Centre…


It was a very grey and overcast day but it was so warm and humid that we ended up in t-shirts. As usual, we took the bus, which was a surprisingly lovely journey through rolling green countryside filled with castles, trees and farm animals.

Once we got to the centre, we wandered up through to what appeared to be the entrance. The whole place was deserted. It was so weird. We awkardly wandred around until we found a wee shop and could hear voices from one corner. I’m weird so I went into the shop and called, “hooman?” until we found a staff member who took us to the ticket desk.

We paid for our tickets, and some food pellets to feed the deer with, and went through to the park. There was a school trip at the same time so as soon as we went through the doors we were bombarded by the sound of young children cheering in excitement. We very quickly followed a path that led away from the screaming school children.

Wandering round the lovely green paths we encountered many species of deer, and even otters, scottish wildcats, scanidavian elk, and some wolves. We fed our pellets to the most adorable herd of deer ever; Colin and I named most of them – Ramen, Billy, Bobby, Bertie, Sneezy, Geoffry, Goaty McGoatface etc.

We had an absolutely lovely day, apart from me nearly dying with hayfever because of all the grass…

I would reccommend The Scottish Deer Centre to everyone!

All my love, Corinne πŸ™‚