On Tuesday, it rained. It rained an awful lot – buckets of vertical water fell from the sky all day. But, what else would you expect when you live in Scotland? At least there was no wind to whip the rain into our red-raw faces, like there would be if we still lived on the North coast. That’s some consolation, I suppose.

Nonetheless, we decided that we needed a daytrip to get out of our town for a little while. And where better to go on a rainy day than into the city? So we layered up with our waterproofs, grabbed a Magnum ice cream each (yes, we are those kinds of people), and out we headed to catch a bus. As ever, the bus was late, but it gave us chance to finish our ice creams while we huddled in the bus shelter together.


We burried our noses in books, mine was Timekeepers by Simon Garfield, Colin’s was H.P Lovecraft’s Cthulhu, while we watched the raindrops on the bus window like the angtsy teenage filmstars we are.

Our first stop once we made it to the city was a gaming shop for Colin. He was delighted to find such variety in their products, and so many Magic cards. We introduced ourselves to the staff and Colin was even invited to join their tournaments. I’m so delighted for him  to make friends with a group of the same interests – moving to a new place is one of the most stressful things you can do, but when you’re autistic it can be so much more scary. Everyone in the shop was so lovely and he actually can’t wait to go and join their tournaments. He’s still bouncing around like a Labrador puppy!

The next stop in our adventure was a garden centre! I love having plants in the house, it brightens up any space and makes everything feel so much more fresh. Plus, our tenancy agreements says we aren’t allowed pets so I now have 15 gorgeous plant babies to look after! I have three baby succulents, one larger succulent (which I named Harry), three baby cacti, a fern, a spider plant, an ivy, a peace lily, a calathea tree, a mixed plant pot which sits in our unused fireplace, an adorable purple flowered plant with no name, and one simply described by HomeBase as ‘foliage.’ I love them all equally and will probably end up naming them all!


After the garden centre, we simply wandered around a shopping centre for a little while and grabbed a drink at Costa. We didn’t find anything particularly intersting to buy in the shopping centre but it is nice to window shop sometimes.

A tattoo shop was the last stop in our little adventure! I got an adorable little bouquet of flowers tattoed on my wrist. I am utterly in love with it. Although not based on a quote from Lady Bird Johnson, “Where flowers bloom, so does hope,”  the tattoo and the quote will always remind me that I have flowers in my soul, and with them I have hope.


And that folks, brings us to the end of our adventure to the city. I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed the ride.

All my love, Corinne 🙂